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Put that in your pencil and sketch with it!

So drawing this thursday?

And now a word from our sponsor.

I'm gonna resuggest something, since winter prevents us from going outside and drawing all sorts o' stuff, and inside locations are limited, why don't we try and do the project idea? Or theme nights, try to get us to draw stuff that we wouldn't normally do. I propose that each week until the weather improves that we find some cool little coffee place that we can regularly meet at and each week, each of us comes up with a project or theme that we can all do that night. (ex. everybodydoes a Superhero, or draw a comic strip (ala Garfield), or we all draw with charcoal, or a "hey, I brought a cool skull thing, let's all draw that".) A kind of illustraion friday/ life drawing/ art chatty group all rolled into one. I know there is also the ACAD life drawing classes, but I tend to find that by the last class or two I'm bored of just drawing naked people. This would give us a lot more freedom and variety. (mind you I haven't done the life drawing class thing for awhile so it might also be a thought, but I think the other has promise. Of course from the start I've championed this little group to be more of an art group than a friends group, with friends just makes it better.

Thank you for your time,

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program

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