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"Drawing" nights

Hey guys,

I'm reasonably sure this has been discussed in smaller circles (I know Sara and I have discussed it and I know Mike and I have discussed it and I know Mike and Kyle have discussed it and I'm reasonably sure Lisa and Mike have discussed it), but I thought I might as well make a post about it now so we all can decide what to do. I'm speaking, of course, about the lack of drawing that occurs on drawing nights.

I guess to be frank, I don't get a whole lot of drawing done when there's other people around that are a) interesting and b) just as chatty as I am. I consider you all very interesting and have a blast hanging out with you all, but just don't get any drawing done when I'm in a group setting. I need focus and quiet in order to do art, and I'm afraid that just doesn't happen in a group. I also am unable to turn it on and off at will... I have to be in the mood to draw in order to draw.

Now, since this is/was a drawing group, I would rather that my inability to draw with other people around did not interfere with the group. I really enjoy hanging out with you all, and am certainly up for getting together for socialization (IE: out for a movie or to a pub or whatever) but I think I'll have to "bow out" of the nights we designate for drawing so as to not inflict my inability to focus on the rest of you.

In any case, just thought I'd bring it up so there's no hard feelings because of the difficulty I have keeping my mouth shut so we all can draw ;)
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