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Calgary Expo & drawing this week

The Calgary Comic Expo is fast approaching, and booths are already for sale. We've been talking about doing an AFOJ table there this year, and now's the time to reserve one. The con itself is one day again, Sunday April 29th.

alym0use and haotian, do you guys want to get in on the table and sell art/commissions/whatever? I know for sure that kyohazard, hawkstone and myself want one. If we're going to have 5 people we should probably just get two adjacent tables while we can.

Let me know either way! I want to send in our application in the next few days. I'd also like us to get started on the custom tote bags we'll be doing through my work.

Also I plan to do an Otafest table again this year if you're interested, alym0use (and haotian too!), on May 19th.


Do we want to draw this week? The invitation is still open for it to be at our place.
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